For nearly 20 years, Jorge Kurczyn de Hacienda Santa Klara has been designing and manufactured luxury furniture, and can be found in homes and businesses across the world. We cater directly to our clients' tastes and create unique life-lasting pieces from scratch. At Jorge Kurczyn Furniture, we ourselves emboss all three facets of artistry, design, and manufacturing to ensure each item we create for you is truly one-of-a-kind and built & guaranteed for life. All of our products are made with 100% organic timber wood and are 100% handmade in America.

We design & manufacture custom iconic furniture and architectural concepts, including unique doors & windows. With 5 furniture lines, saddle stands, and various accessories, Jorge Kurczyn Furniture is a favorite place for interior designers, home owners, and architects alike for ideas and heirloom furniture.

Jorge Kurczyn

In 1997, after a lifetime of drawing, designing, and being surrounded by woodwork, I decided to fashion a one-of-a-kind furniture line with a unique touch. My vision was to create a lasting product epitomizing an ethos of unique artistry and excellence in design. Thus was born, Jorge Kurczyn de Hacienda Santa Klara.

Since the company’s inception, I have implemented only the highest quality of construction methods and sound engineering principles for all of my products. The result is a fusion that combines equal parts of aesthetic beauty & superb functionality, and one that is built for life. The revered trinity of Hacienda Santa Klara is that all products are built with 100% organic timber wood, are 100% handmade, and are 100% made in America.

I invite you to explore a wondrous array of diversity and originality that is collectively known as Jorge Kurczyn Furniture.


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