Copper Sinks

Our spectacular handcrafted copper sinks are all custom made by skilled craftsmen using century old techniques. Each sink is hand hammered in a process that takes weeks to complete and reflects skills that few now possess. These glorious copper sinks are made with a bright copper finish or with an antique finish and are available in various colors and tones. Also, your copper sink can be highly decorated with hand tooled details that reflect your creativity. We have many existing original designs of hand hammered and hand tooled copper sinks available. You can select an existing model, you can modify the design of an existing model, or you can work directly with Jorge Kurczyn, our master designer, in creating your own personal design. This is an opportunity that is not available to you with other furniture manufacturers. We invite you to view the photographs in the photo gallery of our original existing designs of copper sinks. Please use these photographs as reference ideas for the design of your particular copper sink, as we can mix designs of existing sinks to create your design. We look forward to working with you on an individual basis to create your original functional art that will last for generations to come. [MORE...]