All pieces are built to order; thus, prices may vary. Please contact us for details.


Standard delivery time for all items is 8-12 weeks. Custom pieces may require longer. By request, we provide photos and/or videos of all products throughout their life cycle(s) from design to debarkation.


The payment term(s) for all products is “50/50”. The first half of the “50/50” payment term(s) is a 50% down payment of the total product cost plus packing & shipping. The remainder of the balance, the second half of the “50/50” payment term(s), is paid before the product leaves our distribution center in Laredo, Texas.

We accept checks, credit cards, and money orders.


4% of the product cost will be added for “packing”.

6% of the product cost will be added for “crating & packing”.


Our shipping is done from our distribution center located in Laredo, Texas. As soon as merchandise arrives at our distribution center, the customer(s) will be contacted to arrange a delivery date. Our distribution center coordinates all logistics to find the most suitable shipping rate(s) and/or carrier(s) for the customer(s).

For the customer(s) located in the state of Texas, we are offer direct shipping via our distribution center carrier. Our delivery representatives are familiar with the procedure of packing and unpacking, and will assist with the installation of the product(s) and disposal of all waste thereafter.

Last updated: October 16, 2019