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    Sales and services

    F U R N I T U R E


    handcarving furniture

    Experience the new furniture evolution, and buy furniture direct from Jorge Kurczyn Furniture, designer and manufacturer.

    Buying furniture direct from the manufacturer is the way of the future and we are proud to be in forefront.
    You can rest assured that every dollar spent goes to the real value of furniture and not in between. Enjoy the huge benefits and savings.
    As our customer we invite you to be your own furniture designer. We will guide you through the creative process every step of the way; an experience that will change your way of buying furniture. You choose the design, we incorporate it, and you create your vision. We apply furniture standards, your name, and our guarantee for life.
    Enjoy an incredible experience working side-by-side with an innovated talented designer.
    As part of our service we can assist you with Interior or architectural design, and with any doubts that you might have to accommodate your vision.


    As the principal owner and designer of Jorge Kurczyn Furniture, I would like to share with you the artistic concept of our furniture. My passion is to create original, innovative furniture designs and build solid wood handcrafted furniture of the highest quality.
    In the past 22 years, I have seen the majority of furniture manufacturers use wood byproducts and computer driven machines to cut costs and corners.
    We do not do that and will never do that. We are proud of our tradition, our philosophy, and practice to engineer and build solid timber furniture, using the highest quality material available for construction. Our stain (color) formulas are all in-house creations, techniques created by us that represent our experience, innovation, and design. Our designs and furniture are known for years in the industry as solid wood functional art.. [MORE...]

    Design and technical information