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Handmade Furniture by Jorge Kurczyn

Modular sofa

Modluar sofa

Assembly yourself saddle Stand


Furniture upholstery

Custom office chair

Carpano liquor cart

Oil executive desk

Saddle Bar Stool

The making of furniture

Hand crafted furniture

Custom furniture

Custom furniture

Hand crafted furniture

Making your furniture

Wood carving details 2

Furniture details

Blacksmith on action

Modular techniques

The Art of Hand-carving

Copper end table

Furniture stencils

Fine Details in Upholstery

Upholstery details


Carving details

Blacksmith's work details

Custom Vanity wrought iron and wood

Upholstery and Carving Details

Carving process details

Elegant chair (chr102)

D-1 Children desk

T-1 Children table

K-4 Rocking chair for children

K-3 Children chair

Hand Carved vs. CNC Machine

Wood carving with harmony

Furniture Factory Tour pt.2

Utilizing TV Lift

CNC Machine Furniture

Mission Style Sofa Details

Saddle Stand with copper panels

Western Office Chair

Handcrafted Western

Elegant barstool details

Western Coffee Table

Saddle Stand Details

Western desk

TV Lift on credenzas

Replace office chair casters

Western details

Furniture illustration Da Vinci's Water and Ink Techniques

The art of a blacksmith's


Elegant Copper Designs

Classic Western Furniture

Functional Poker Table

Wood carving details

Forged metal on furniture

Saddle-Stand Design Illustration

Furniture Factory Tour

Hand forge metal furniture accessories

Furniture upholstery

Copper on Furniture

Staining Furniture

Leather Upholstery Details

Wood Carving Process

Solid wood wrought iron door designs

Making hardware

The art of designing furniture

From design to furniture

Custom furniture

Design furniture ink and water

Romance in furniture design

Packing Furniture for Delivery

Western furniture 2

Unique Saddle Stands

20 Unique Western Style Benches

Handcrafted leather western sofa

Classic western furniture

Copper Furniture

Solid Strong Saddle Stands

Crowsnest Trading Co. furniture

Polo Pony

King Ranch Saddle Stand "Casero"