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Sofa Elegant Rancher SOFA19

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This marvelous, handcrafted, Western style sofa incorporates in its design various types of rich leather, patterned cowhide, and fine fabric of the best quality available. The sofa has a slightly arched, framed seat back with curved top sides. The front padded seat back is upholstered with rich, brown, patterned, full grain leather, and the same leather is used to upholster the interior side of the sofa. The seat back is adorned with three, large, loose cushions, and the two side cushions are upholstered with patterned, fine fabric. The center cushion is upholstered with dark, patterned, full grain leather, and all the cushions are adorned with leather fringe. The sofa has a wide seat, and the seat has three, padded, loose cushions, each upholstered in fine, patterned fabric. The junctions of the upholstery are double stitched together, and are accented with a beautiful, hand sewn cord.
The seat is accompanied with curved armrests, and the exterior sides of the armrests and the reverse seat back are upholstered with patterned cowhide. The lower front of the sofa is upholstered with dark brown, patterned, full grain leather. The upholstery is precision hand tacked to the solid wood frame with decorative, gilt nails. The sofa rest on four pair of hand turned, block and ball legs, and the legs are connected by hand turned, "H" style stretchers. The frame of the sofa is made with the best, sustainable, solid wood available, and the sofa is 100% customizable. The sofa can be combined with our Conrado chair (CHR12) and with its matching ottoman (OTM26).

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