These exquisite and elaborately hand hammered and hand tooled copper mirror frames reflect the remarkable skill of our craftsmen. The flawless workmanship in these copper frames is astonishing and reflect generations of talent. Various designs of our mirrors combine several different types of highly intricate hand tooled copper. We can also incorporate beautiful hand-carved wood and hand tooled copper to make a unique design. These mirrors will be a wonderful accent to any room in your home and can be designed with a Western influence or in a more traditional form. As with all of our custom handcrafted furniture, Jorge Kurczyn, our master designer, can work directly with you in the collaboration of the design of your mirror. We can make your mirror larger or smaller, and we design your mirror so it can be hung horizontally or vertically. We invite you to view the photographs in the photo gallery of existing designs of our mirrors. Please use these photographs as reference ideas for the design of your particular mirror, as we can mix designs of other mirrors to produce your design. At Jorge Kurczyn Furniture, we will work directly with you in the design and construction of your mirror. We promise you that your mirror will be functional art that will last for generations to come. [MORE...]