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Sofa Land Lord SOFA21

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Add texture and contrast to your home decor with the gorgeous upholstery of this classic, handcrafted, Western style sofa. The sofa has a curved, framed seat back, and centered in the solid wood, seat back frame is an exquisite, hand carved shell with hand carved floral designs on each side. The front seat back and the upper front of the sofa frame are upholstered with brown and white patterned cowhide. The sofa has a wide seat, and its two padded seat cushions, the interior sides, and the top of the padded armrests are upholstered with brown, full grain leather. The reverse seat back and the exterior sides of the sofa are upholstered in dark brown, full grain leather. The junctions of the leather are double stitched together for extra strength and durability, and the upholstery is precision hand tacked to the frame with gilt nails. The solid wood, scroll armrests are supported by ornate, curved, hand carved uprights. The lower front of the frame has a Spanish colonial style apron, and centered in the apron is a matching, hand carved shell. The hand carved shell is accompanied on each side by hand carved floral and scroll designs. The wood frame has a beautiful finish, and the sofa rest on elegant, cabriole style legs.
The frame of the sofa is made with the best, sustainable, solid wood available, and it is 100% customizable. The sofa can be accompanied with matching, handcrafted chairs (CHR161) and with matching, handcrafted ottomans (OTM68).

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